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Hire A Canvasser Presents Our Guaranteed Quality Door-To-Door Leads Program Exclusively For Roofers!

Book a time with one of our Door-To-Door Campaign Specialists to see how we can target your perfect area!

“Johnny On-The-Spot Appointments”

Hire-A-Canvasser is the premier canvassing company in the storm restoration industry. We specialize in helping roofing and storm damage repair companies get more appointments. Here’s how it works.

1. Design your campaign

You know your area. You know where the damage is, and you know where insurance companies are buying roofs. Tell us what neighborhood you want to target and the size of the campaign you want to book! 

2.Boots On The Ground In 48 Hours

We serve all 50 states all year round for roofs affected by hail, wind, and storm damage. Our canvassers are career sales professionals who have answered every objection over the years. Once your campaign has been mapped out, one of our expert door knockers will be in your neighborhood within 48 hours.

IMPORTANT: our professionals are fully self-sufficient. They will pay for their own food, transportation, and lodging as a part of the package deal.

3.On The Spot Inspections

Unlike telemarketers and other “lead generation” agencies, we don’t give you appointments for tomorrow or next week. We work in the target areas you choose. As soon as we get the go-ahead from the homeowner to inspect the roof, we use our app to let you know.

 One of your sales reps is on the roof within 15-20 minutes, from the time we first spoke to the homeowner! That’s what we like to call “a red-hot roofing lead!”

4. Professional Handoff

Our canvassers are true professionals who are experienced not only in getting sales pros like you on roofs; we also know how to “set you up” so that the homeowner already has a positive impression of your professionalism before you arrive.

Time after time, our clients say: “By the time I did the inspection, the homeowner was ready to sign up”

Book a time with one of our Door-To-Door Campaign
Specialists to see how we can target your perfect area!

You Sell More Roofs!

Let’s face it: Sales reps love closing deals.

But not everyone likes to knock on doors.

We make the lives of your sales reps MUCH easier. Let us do what we are best at, which is keeping your reps on more roofs and signing more deals!

We’ve been in this business for more than a decade, and we’ve focused ourselves on mastering the skill of getting salespeople on roofs… FAST!

Best of all, if we can’t complete your campaign for any reason, we’ll refund what we owe you on the same day. So this is a 100% risk-free proposition.

Let us know how we can help,
we’ll get to work right away…
One door at a time.

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