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Hire A Canvasser, LLC. is the premier provider of roofing leads in the U.S.

Our company provides roofing contractors with qualified storm leads for new projects through Door-to-Door marketing. We have a well-developed team of canvassers who train in their craft every day and have a proven track record far beyond a typical door knocker. We strategically deploy to areas around the U.S. that have been ravaged by major storms. These are areas where many homeowners are likely to be in dire need of roof replacement. We understand the insurance process thoroughly, and we are able to convey to qualified homeowners who are covered by storm damage.

What sets us apart is our expertise in the roofing industry, and by going Door-to-Door, our lead generation experts connect directly with homeowners. Our storm damage leads are qualified for you. We are your boots on the ground who will represent your brand throughout neighborhoods who most need your assistance.

Our teams work in real-time, meaning we coordinate with you and your sales team in the moment. Within 15 minutes of lead generation, your sales representative can be on the roof of that homeowner to fulfill the storm damage appointments booked. There is no other form of marking that is more direct or personal.

The Hire A Canvasser, LLC. Advantage

We answer any questions the homeowner has regarding the process. Through a combination of ethics, integrity and industry knowledge, we have gained a reputation as being among the best and most professional canvassers around in the industry for generating qualified storm leads.

Partnering with our company takes much of the workload from business owners and sales managers, giving you a competitive advantage. Once we confirm storm damage appointments and a coverage area with a client, we set up a system in which we communicate quickly and effectively. Our streamlined process is proven to work and generate sales.

All of the storm damage leads generated by us are exclusive to you. We have a flexible set of packages in 25, 50 and 100 increments. Nothing beats Door-to-Door, and each of our leads are pre-qualified and white-hot for you to sign.

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