Frequently Asked Questions:

If there is no damage on the roof, are we being charged?
As is the case in many storm, not every home needs major repair. We have a process of vetting leads and qualifying them. If we qualify them, they count per our agreement.

Are we charged if a homeowner is already under a contract?
No. The lead will be discarded and will not count against the leads you have purchased.

What if a homeowner is not home are we charged?
That depends. If the lead is generated within a 30 minute span we will correct any error or discard it altogether. If the contractor takes more than an hour to contact the hot lead, we will count it.

What about refunds?
If the market is saturated and we feel we cannot produce the numbers then we will send a refund for unused monies.

Do I have to sign a contract?
No, simply let us know the number of leads you would like to purchase.

Do we pay canvassers hotels and travel?
No, that’s included in the price.

Do you wear our shirts?
No, we don’t even wear our own shirts. It is part of the work we do.

Are the leads exclusive?

Contact us directly with any other questions you may have.

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