Hire A Canvasser, LLC. specializes in connecting roofing contractors with homeowners hit by major storms.

A big part of what we do is educating prospects about how homeowners insurance works.
We are always looking for energetic people to join our team and grow with us. Our business requires professionals who connect with homeowners through Door-to-Door canvassing for roofing leads. It is a unique and rewarding job!

What does a canvasser do?

Canvassers are responsible for lead generation. Our teams operate in real time, turning human connections into roofing leads. Our professional canvassers make each connection happen through personal, Door-to-Door lead generation and are at the heart of what we do!

The process of canvassing for roofing leads begins when a canvasser knocks on the door of a homeowner. The canvassers then listens to the needs of the homeowner and offers a clear-cut solution. When the canvasser does the job right, the connection turns into a high-quality lead for the roofing contractor.

We provide training and education about how the insurance process works, and teach you how to address homeowners’ questions. Once you’re in the field, you will have all the tools to become an extraordinary foot canvasser ready to generate high quality roofing leads.

The roofing contractors you will be promoting are reputable and prioritize meeting the needs of the homeowner. Be rest assured that we partner with businesses of the highest integrity.

Basic requirements to become a canvasser:

  1. Optimistic outlook
  2. Excellent people skills
  3. Ability to interpret and respond to nonverbal cues
  4. Passion for helping others
  5. Available to travel within 48 hours after a storm hits
  6. Outgoing personality
  7. Driven to meet goals
  8. Enjoy working outdoors
  9. Like working on your feet

We take immense pride in helping homeowners get what they deserve after a storm causes damage. We need professional field canvassers like you to connect roofing contractors and homeowners. It is a rewarding, enjoyable line of work. We take care of our team by offering generous compensation and paid travel.

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