About Us

A Word about Our Director:

Hire A Canvasser is an initiative taken by Mr. Shawn Meredith, the company founder, in 2009. Working in the business-to-business, canvassing, and Door-to-Door industries closely for 25 years, he has gained an extensive experience in these areas. He now uses this experience to bring valuable insights to the companies that are in a need of fresh business. This is what puts him in the league of expert advertising canvassers.

Our Objective

Mr. Shawn Meredith has worked directly with numerous renowned contractors for many years. Thus, he has experienced the requirement of a significant change in the industry way before he took initiatives to start his own business. His objective is to ensure 100% genuine roofing replacement leads at the national level for all contractors.

Why Hire A Canvasser?

Since marking its inception, Hire A Canvasser has worked closely with a number of top contractors throughout the United States. More importantly, we house a finely-trained team willing to deliver the highest level of integrity while dealing with clients and homeowners.

  • We use all the latest and real-time methods relevant to canvassing and lead generation that you require to achieve optimum profit and business goals.
  • All in all, we have everything to be the driving force your business needs for growth.
  • You can rely on us because we are an experienced group of advertising canvassers in the United States, well-known for the quality of leads we generate.

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Are you a roofing contractor? Do you need 100% original and human validated hail storm leads for growing your roofing replacement business?

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